PS3 No Display, help appreciated

By British_Command
Dec 27, 2009
  1. My PS3 recently stopped displaying anything whatsoever, I've tried the resetting by holding the power buttons and that has worked on previous occasions when switching between different ouputs.

    I have tried connecting it via HDMI which worked briefly and asked if I'd like to switch to an HDMI output and then before I have the chance to do anything the screen distorts slightly by changing to bright colour like pink/yellow instead of black and it's not clear and I can't control anything or hear any movements like when you switch between options.

    I have tried DVI which I used previously most of the time and nothing will display now and I have just noticed that when turning off the PS3 I hear a slowly fading but very noticeable clicking sound like the slowing of a fan, not sure if this characteristic means anything in particular!

    I have also tried S-Video and that was the same as the DVI, nothing displayed, Oh and the controller would not connect but just keep flashing and no audio with S-Video and DVI, only briefly was there audio for the moment I was queried to switch to a HDMI output.

    Anyway that being said, I reckon it's buggered, but I'm not the whiz you guys are so I'd be very appreciable of all help! Is there an official sony ps3 repair service as well... like any chance I could get a discount on a new slim or something like that.

    Thanks guys,
    Most appreciated... Especially a day after christmas !
    (By the way I have owned the PS3 since basically the release of them in the UK, but I have never and no one has ever used it extensively and by that I mean the majority of the time it has been owned it hasn't been used)

    Once again thanks!
  2. raybay

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    It would be helpful to have the brand, model, and age of the PS3.
  3. British_Command

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    The brand is an 80gb PS3 not slim, I think it is 80gb, model number I think is cechc03 and pretty much first UK console release, I think.

    Age, probably early 2007 like January or December 2006.

    Hope this helps, if I've gotten the details specified wrong please let me know.

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