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Mar 24, 2009
  1. Hi

    here;s the setup

    my laptop runs outlook 2007, and when i recieve my email it goes into my PST folder which is stored on a mapped network drive on my domain server upstairs.

    When i go out and about, my email if course isnt available as its storage location (the PST file) is at home.

    I know i could move my PST file onto my laptop, however i also have a home PC which i use to access the PST file so the use of a mapped drive works better as i have only one mail store.

    What i want to know is it possible for me to have my mail copied to my laptop as well as the PST folder on the server and to keep them in synch so that i can refer to the mail when im away from home.

    I know i cant send and recieve, thats not an issue, i just want to be able to read and delete mail and have it update the main PST flle when i connect to my home network.

  2. gguerra

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    This one is easy. You can have a PST file on both your laptop and your home PC. Simply just tell outlook to leave the messages on the server and not delete them after downloading them. They will always reside on the server until you actually delete them. Both laptop and desktop will synch to whatever is on the server. Just make sure your mailbox has enough capacity and keep it tidy and it should work out for you. Look on the advanced tab of the Internet Email settings to for the check box. Tools, Account Settings, choose account (maybe only one), change, more settings, advanced. Leave copy of messages on server
  3. jobeard

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    investigate Roaming Profiles which does what you want.

    be advised however, there's bad press and complaints on the feature.
  4. Ididmyc600

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    Good idea but then i have 2 PST folders that need to be seperately sorted and tidied up.
    Perhaps i didnt explain myself properly,

    Here;s another example,

    My laptop connects to my work email via HTTP through outlook2007, when i connect it checks the local pst file against the one at work and updates the folder automatically with any new post.

    I dont want to leave mail on the server as it then has to be accessed via wewbmail to be manually sorted.

    I'll look into Jobeard's suggestion, your a bit vague on the bad press bit, is there a link to anythng specific mate .?
  5. gguerra

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    As far as sorting that is up to your email client. Email is stored in your mailbox in the order it was received. In outlook you simply click on the bar above the messages to sort by date, name, etc. That is just the way emails are displayed inside the email client while the message order remains the same on the server. As far as tidying up I mentioned that so that you can keep your mailbox under whatever size limit it is set to. Again what your outlook displays is just a representation of what is in your mailbox which will always reside on the server. Not until you actually delete or move messages will that affect your mailbox. So regardless if you are accessing your email from work, laptop, desktop, webmail etc you actually only have one mailbox (on the server). Anyway that is my take on it. You did not mention if you host your email yourself (or your company) or you do it offsite. My suggestions would better work if your email hosting was offsite (3rd party) as there may be other solutions otherwise.
  6. jobeard

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    Roaming Profiles would appear to be 'conditionally successful or difficult'

    One such comment is here

    google 'roaming profiles'
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