PSU and MOBO issues

By VTech99
Aug 2, 2008
  1. Hi
    my pc is mobo p5gd1, psu ocz 520watts... well i have a geforce 8600gt 512m, 4 stick of ocz ram 512m each, sound card sound blaster audigy4, and 4 hd sata wich one 320, 2 x 500 and 1 tb, i got this pc for 3 years now, always cleaned it up, oh and a heatsink ocz... with cpu p4 3.4 ghz ht prescott, well i woke up this morning, screen keyboard, mouse (g1) all in stand by mode, pc was running, only the fans i guess, anyway, tried to boot it up, nothing, well decided to expect it, notice that the cable from the psu burnt where it is plugged on board, thats the 4 pins cpu power cable actually, what could cause that??? mobo always at 39 degre... even hd and cpu have that temper.... so whats could happen? i recently change a hd 200g for the 1 tb...

    does my cpu is still alive?
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