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Aug 8, 2009
  1. Hi ,
    I'm looking into my problem emachine E4076 ..yes i know seems like every emachine IS a problem ( details posted on recent thread titled "computer crashing restarting " if you want to read ) ...basically wanting to try out a replacement PSU as advised and need to know a compatible make/model .
    Basically i have the old one out and it is this -
    Bestec model no ATX 12E REV F1R 300 W Max
    input 100 - 127 V /200-240 V -3a 50/60 hz
    output +12v 15a -12v 0.8a
    5v 30a +5vsb 2a
    +3.3v 28a
    + 5v & 3.3v Max
    + 5v & +12v & +3.3v 288w Max

    I have another older previous tower fitted with this PSU which i think was ok -

    Tsunami Model Lc B350 ATX
    Input 115 /230 v 8/4a 60/50 W
    Output 350 W
    + 3.3v 8.5v output max 200 w
    +3.3v, 5v & +12 v output max 330 w

    thought it might be worth a try fitting in the emachine in case it might solve the problem ... can anyone please tell me if its suitable -i don't want to try incase it totally kills it .
    if not compatible can anyone please suggest a make /model i should get ?

    Any help much appreciated ,

  2. Tedster

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    generally when e-crap machines blow a PSU, the mobo is taken out as well.

    You're better off getting a new system and salvaging your hard drives for data.
  3. Nando

    Nando TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Tedster,

    Thanks for your reply - yes i might well have to take that option but just trying to check if the mobo has gone as well by trying out this other psu i have ....
    any idea if this model is compatible ?
  4. Kcircyrd

    Kcircyrd TS Rookie Posts: 216

    The problem with the E4076 is the motherboard. When it goes, it takes the Power Supply with it, not the other way around.
    Large numbers of power supply models will work well.. See the site, among others, for instance. Look at dimensions H x W x L of PSU's with 20 + 4 plugs that are over 430 watts and $50 (US). You do not need high power for an eMachine. You need stability in output and the ruggedness to handle glitches. There is rarely a failure of a FSP Group, Zalman, Seasonic or Corsair. Consider also Black Silverston, Zalman, Antec, ThermalTake, Mushkin, PC Power & Cooling, AZZA Dynamo, NZXT, and Enermax. The ones we like most are Seasonic, Corsair, FSP Group, and Zalman. You will not be disappointed by any of these in your price range. Simply be sure they will fit your case.
    Be aware, however, that the motherboard is the problem, not the power supply. eMachine boards are built under license from Intel and others. The components are compromised. System boards curl and shrink as they age causing built-in circuitry to crack. It takes a microsope to see how totally they fail, with some eMachine motherboard models failing at rates exceeding 65 percent by the end of their third year. Most eMachines are good, but you never know which ones until too late
    There should be laws, or replacement guarantees, against what eMachines knowingly does to consumers. Only PackardBell and Tiny have built computers as poorly.
  5. Nando

    Nando TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Kcircyrd ,

    Thanks for your reply and the emachines info - i can see now why they have the bad rep . Anyway size (dimensions) seems to match between these 2 PSU's ,
    just wondered from the model descriptions on them whether the Tsunami would replace the Bestec just to test the system ?
    If it sorted the problem i'll look to buy a PSU you suggest, but should this Tsunami be compatible and power the E4076 ? If still get the same symptoms then it eliminates the PSU and i would then look for a mobo .
    On that score - if i was thinking about upgrading to another mobo in this tower (if it's worth it ?) can you recommend any better make/ models of mobo that i could get to fit the E4076 . ?
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