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Apr 15, 2008
  1. G-Day, I just got my new PC about 4 weeks ago(and have had endless problems with it). Anyway i'm pretty sure it's all the psu. the problem at first was that it had terrible performance compared to what is should be, next it started crashing ocasionally then it started happening more frequently but now it just crashes at startup. the reason which leads me to believe it is the psu is because when it crashes all the fans keep spinning except the cpu fan surges from fast to slow continuously and the light on the disk drive flashes and i can't open the tray and when i press the reset button it completely turns off for about 10 seconds then starts up again(normaly it stays running and just reboots). Also when it crashes i don't get a blue screen or anything instead it just stops sending a signal to the screen which also maks me think it could be the gfx card. Anyway if anyone has some ideas or suggestions that could help me find out whats wrong plz let me know.
    I have a q6600 @ 2.4 ghz, gigabyte GA-P35-DS3, hd 3870, 2gb kingstin 800 mhz ram, a western digital 500gb sata 2 hdd, 500 watt psu and vista home premium 32-bit.

    cheers, sparton 10
  2. Matthew

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    It very well may be the PSU, however, it sounds as if something might be overheating. Monitor the temperatures of your components (especially the CPU and video card).
  3. Sparton 10

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    oh, yer i forgot to say, all the temps are normal and well within safe limits also it was OCed once but i set them back to default after about an hour cuz it made no differance in performance
  4. FoReWoRd

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    try and boot into safe mode then reinstall the drivers
  5. Matthew

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    If the temperatures are okay, I would either suspect a failing PSU or motherboard. Get your hands on another PSU and swap it with yours. If you're still experiencing the same issues, I would probably try and replace the motherboard.
  6. Sparton 10

    Sparton 10 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    lol, i might just send it back, it still has warrenty and getting my hands on another psu or mobo would cost me money which sadly i dont have, so thanks for all the help and i guess i'll just send it back for repair.
    cheers, sparton 10
  7. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,333   +101

    I feel you on the money bit, believe me :).

    Yes, take advantage of the warranty, that's why it's there.
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