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Aug 26, 2005
  1. Hey, how do you know what powersupply to get? I hear that the newer machines need at least 300v. Im using a 125v and everything is working fine for me. My new mobo + cpu, pcchips m811lu + amd 1.8ghz cpu, will start up fine, then shut down. :hotouch: Is this a PS problem? Thanks :giddy:
  2. nein

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    Buy another mobo, it isn't the PSU and try to avoid PcChips at all cost if possible. Your problem is exactly the same as this one, don't wait until the mobo bites the dust, it may takes out other hardware with it when it does so.

    By the way, try not to turn the computer on/off too much or doing anything too much which causes it to shut down again and again, that's what usually kills everything. There are many perfectly good reasons why mobos are made to shut off by themselves, and forcing them back on without comprehension of the cause is a no no.
  3. hexcrackerjtj

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    Whats so bad about PCChips? I got my mobo and cpu for only $70... Well this is my first time assembling a new mobo and cpu... also is it important to use thermal paste?
  4. hexcrackerjtj

    hexcrackerjtj TS Rookie Topic Starter

    :approve: Problem solved. Thanks guys. My only problem now is my old hd shows up as a raw partition... all my data is lost... puke:
    But everything works! Thanks again!
  5. Finchy

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    If something goes wrong with the mobo, replace as soon as possible. Last year the mobo on my computer broke, and took most of the system with it!
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