Punk Buster

By mako man
May 17, 2008
  1. I was playing COD4 and when I changed maps some maps wont let me in because it says something like I dont know the punk buster handshake. Does anyone know what this means. When I installed the program I installed punk buster with the game. I can play probably 7 out of 10 maps. Any ideas?
  2. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    Although the game will handle updating PB for you, sometime the install or download do not happen or do not go as planned. You can update it manually HERE

    I used to have to do this alot with my BF2, never with my COD but its just luck of the draw.
  3. mako man

    mako man TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50

    Thank you very much
  4. prowler09

    prowler09 TS Rookie

    cool, needed this too!
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