Put my computer to sleep accidentally, now the monitor doesn't connect

By Lionclaw49
Aug 21, 2017
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  1. So, yesterday I got a brand new monitor that worked great until I accidentally put the computer to sleep. Now, when I turn on the computer, the monitor just says HDMI-1 NO SIGNAL. Btw I'm using HDMI. Displayport also doesn't work. Also, I've unplugged and replugged the computer multiple times. It still doesn't work. PLEASE HELP!:oops:
  2. Magnums94

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    Hey, so I did some research and it might be your OS fault of not properly 'waking up'' your video card. I assume since you are using DP and HDMI that you have monitor connected to video card, right?

    Funny thing is that in order to fix that, some guys wrote that you need to go to Control Panel > Power Settings and set "LInk State Power Management" to ''off''.

    Can you try connecting your monitor to your Mobo instead? Maybe it has the legacy VGA connector and you happen to have older monitor that supports it and test it that way?

    Anyway, the most valuable troubleshoot you can do right now is mentioned above - check if monitor works if connected with Mobo, instead of Video Card.

    If so, then disable the previously mentioned setting.
  3. Lionclaw49

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    Thanks, I had the hdmi to hdmi through my motherboard and that was my problem. I connected a dvi to hdmi onto my graphics card and did a hard reset. Now it works. But I have a problem with when I plug headphones into the computer, it turns off the monitor connection. Then I unplug the headphones and it goes back on. What am I missing? This isn't as urgent I just like my surround sound headphones. :)
  4. jobeard

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    Video can be Mirrored (what you want), extended, or projector mode (what you now have).

    See control panel -> display options

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