Question about my upcoming graphics card

By Linas
Feb 27, 2016
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  1. Hello , I'm not very sure if the graphics card which I want will work perfectly with my current PC.
    My Current PC Specifications.
    Processor AMD 6600k 3.9 GHZ
    Rams : 8GB Hyper X Kingstone
    Motherboard: A88XM-A Asus
    PSU: SL-500K
    PC Case: Inter Tech Starter 04
    The graphics card which I want to install is R7 360 Nitro.
    and I want to know if it's all right to buy it,
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Technician

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    The PSU has a single 30 amp rail.
    The GPU pulls 150watts and is recommended to have at least a 500 watt PSU, so for wattage you have the minimum recommended. I can't find the amperage requirements for the gpu.
    It looks like all the brands require a 6 pin connector from the PSU, if you have a free one it should work as far as power goes.
    As for size, there look to be two variations, both 2 slot, but one full length and one shorter. Depending on what else in on your mono it should may need to reslot something if its in the way. It looks to have 1 pcie x 16 slot, but I am not sure if its the yellow or the black slot. Double check that and check for clearance for a double slot card on the board with the manual to ID the correct slot location.

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