Question on UPS's (Uniterruptable Power Supplies)

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Jun 26, 2015
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  1. We use UPS's here at work to protect our servers and workstations in case of a power outage. When the power goes out, software that runs on the PC's will signal the OS to do a shutdown and then power down the UPS. All that is a given.

    I need to provide backup power to some switches and routers (rack mounted equipment). I need them to run at least a few minutes so that I can at least get email alerts, text messages alerting me to the shutdown. There is no PC connected to shut the unit down so it will basically run till the battery drains completely. My issue is that when the power comes back on, the UPS will not provide power till the batteries charge back up OR someone resets the unit. I need something that will come back on automatically (unattended) and power the equipment on the rack. Does anyone know what I can use? Thanks
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    One issue at a time:

    scheduling shutdown and restarting. Our APC does not immediately signal shutdown, but allows timelapse to avoid poff..pon..poff..pon cycles.

    Also provides for power restore asap and then the system needs to auto-power-up.

    Our power layout is
    APC == control strip == controlled devices​
    and the network gear is all attached to the control strip.
    A master server is APC==Server and it responds using scripts

    fairly common stuff - - why doesn't this work for you?
  3. gguerra

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    Because I already have the servers connected to their own UPS's. I guess then the question would be can one of the servers control two UPS's independently of each other. One UPS powers the server the other the switches and I guess it is possible if the software allows that. We are using Tripp Lite UPS's and I do see where it has a drop down list for multiple devices. Come to think of it that is the approach I will take or at least try.
    I will have the server power down the UPS that runs the switches at the 3 minute mark, power down that UPS, then power down it's own UPS at the 4 minute mark. This should allow enough time to for alerts and battery conservation. I was looking at it from another angle. Don't know why I didn't think of it before.

    BUT come to think of it I have another router in another room where there are no PC's and that needs to remain on as well. That is the router that is installed at the D-Mark (not in the server room). We are using fiber and that is the router that provides a hand off. If that goes down I have no internet hence no email or alerts. I can just plug in a standalone UPS but back to the original issue? I need it to come back on when power is restored. I could get a UPS that I can control via Cat 5 and run a cable?

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  4. jobeard

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    IMO, choose one server as 'dMaster' for UPS control. Let that one take the event and run the scripts for notice, and then shutdown. Make this one fire the event before all others.

    Other servers delay as long as possible and shutdown.

    Same for the network gear - - just controlled shutdown and auto restart.
  5. gguerra

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    I am not running that type of setup. These are tower servers and UPS's and there is no 'dMaster' Each server has it's own UPS (controlled via USB) and shutdown software. BUT I can add the UPS that is used for the switches as a second device to one of the servers and control it as I described above.

    |----> UPS # 1 (for it's own use)
    |---->UPS #2 <---->PDU (Control Strip)<--->Rack Equipment

    I do have some POE switches which I will not bother with. They power VOIP phones which I do not need during power outage.

    My only issue is running a UPS for one router that is located far away (about 150ft) from all the other equipment. I was thinking of running a Cat 5 and converting it to USB?
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  6. jobeard

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    Server ----> UPS # 1 (for it's own use)
    yeah, that's dMaster - - run all automation scripting from this machine, including giving email & text notices.

    As to the others, the how is not as important as the WHEN - - they must go down after the master OR
    as a direct consequence, ie the master signals them to go down.
  7. jobeard

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