By larryiam
Jun 4, 2008
  1. i have a question. i use Convert X to Dvd i have a single core amd anthlon xp 3200+ 2.2GHz. i do a lot of encoding with that software. and my computer usually stays at or around 100% cpu usage when using the software. do u think i need an upgrade or can my system take it? here are the temp my computer runs normally. any suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. SNGX1275

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    Things look great to me. If it wasn't using 100% of your CPU you might as well be using a slower CPU and 100% of it. My point is, encoding takes a ton of processing power, so upgrading your processor would certainly speed it up some, but it would still use 100%. Take pride in you are actually making your system work, so many times people get a fast Core2Duo system and then don't do anything on it that a slow P4 couldn't handle well.

    Your encoding would be sped up quite a bit with any modern processor, but I'm sure you knew that. If you are satisfied with the encode times I would just stick with what you have. Those temperatures are fine for that processor.
  3. larryiam

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    ok thanks!! i appreciate!!
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