Questions about ubuntu 9.04

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May 13, 2009
  1. hi everybdy, newbie,had to replace hdd, had problems installing xp home, installed 9.04 no major prblems. a few questions.. you need to install mobo drivers and how ? you need video drivers?
    3.when i play music from cd it is slow and muffled, are playback modes set wrong,codecs in place, or is dvdcd dying on me. all connections are good, replaced ide ribbon to be sure,
    if i am in wrong forum let me know, ill post elsewhere
    its probably something simple,thanks in advance
  2. fastco

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    Ubuntu should install all the drivers that it needs as well as the video drivers. I'm no expert but I have a little experience with Ubuntu and I find that the Ubuntu Forum is great for everything related to Linux. The music should play fine. Try a different music player from the Synaptics Package Manager.
  3. mrturtle

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    2. The open source drivers should have been installed when you installed Ubuntu, you may have to install the proprietary ones to get certain features from the graphics card.
    3. Try going into either preferences/administration I can't remember which and changing the setting between oss/alsa for your audio device.
  4. tragicallyhip

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    Go to synaptic and search all repo's for "sound" Universal linux sound architecture may not be enough Look for pulse audio and alsa to download's this may help,if you have a graphics card those proprietory drivers will be available for download manually.
  5. 1. No
    2. No
    3. Go to synaptic and go to the menu and select "repositories". Enable the non free repositories and any other disabled ones except the "CDROM" and "unsupported updates". Then close synaptic and do "sudo aptitude update" from the terminal followed by "sudo aptitude upgrade". Open synaptic again and search for codecs. Install any or all available codes. e.g. the k-lite codec pack or mplayer codecs.
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