Radeon 9200SE 64mb tips plz

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Aug 20, 2004
  1. Yes, i no that card is bs, but can anything be done in it so it can run faster?

    Sometimes after 5-10 mins of playing Joint Ops, the screen locks, and after 30 secs the comp restarts. What Is it? overheating? not overclocked! old? maybe. overused? maybe, too. maybe the game is a big load to the card.

    Ok back to topic, if anyone knows how to speed it up (not to overclock).

    And if u guys think there cant be anything done to it, tell me how many mhz can i overclock it. it has 200/200mhz, heatsink, no fan. the exact model of the card is Gigabyte Radeon 9200SE 64MB GV-R92S64T.

    Please need help.
    If anyone knows of a software that tells me what problems does my card has plz let me know of it.
  2. ---agissi---

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    I dont think theres anyway to make it faster without overclocking, excluding a set of drivers that performs better with your card (possibly an older set, the newer sets are more focused on the newer cards).

    And the restarting could be your cpu not your videocard/gpu.
  3. skrooge

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    Plastic Explosives r good help!

    well, i could say fill ya computer wif plastic explosives and destroy that peice of crap card, but i used 2 hav its brother (128mb 9200SE).

    to the point. i had the same bs problem wif it locking up in splinter cell 2. well i kinda enjoyed smacking the computer, but if u wanna keep ur box in 1 peice then follow the following:

    1) if u aint got proper ati drivers installed, then put them on, winxp gives crappy 1s and they do cause crashes and blackouts and swaring!

    2) if u do hav proper ati drivers, try enabling "VPU Recovery" coz it does get u outta tight places.

    3) update ur drivers, if u do hav ati control panel installed, just d/l the drivers.

    if all the above fails then it is most likely u need a nu graphics card, get 1 of the following graphics cards:
    Radeon 9600 (not 2 much better than the 9200)
    Radeon 9800 (its all about $$$)
    Radeon 9500 (cheaper and most can be modded to a 9700)
    Radeon 9700 (cheap, a little old, hard to find, blow heat, perform well)
    Radeon X800 (look at the price, its expensive but its worth it)

    If your computer is insured, well, umm, robbers broke in 2 the house and stole ur 9200SE which was in a box in the drawer, just remember u need a smashed window!. (trust me, it was all the robbers, and they stole an X800, not a 9200):grinthumb

    any more help just e-mail me!
  4. Bug

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    main issue with the 9200se is that they put lower quality ram on it that required lowering the clock speeds for the processor. If you want to get more performance out of it, I would recommend putting some better cooling solution on it, such as the Cooler Master VHC-L61:


    For about $25 from pricewatch... However, I wouldn't put more money into that card, and save the $25 for a new one. Anything above a 9500 would do just fine, or a fx5600...

  5. young&wild

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  6. Tedster

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    Definately a driver problem. When windows XP automatically updated my driver, my card wouldn't work and had the same probs as yours. Use the original drivers that came with the card. I've had no probs since.
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