Radeon 9600 Pro speeds (OK, Heres a question)

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Sep 4, 2004
  1. OK, Heres a question

    I got a radeon 9600PRO the other day, it ses its a "PRO" on the box and everything, and also on the front of the box is has a sticker that ses "400/400MHz". But here is the question, i have that "ATITOOL" installed and looked on there and it ses:

    Core: 398.25

    Shouldnt they both say 400MHz?

    Have i been screwed over?

    I got it from here: www.microlandtechnology.com

    Anyone else ever got any thing of there?

    Also, could it be that the "ATITOOL" thing is showing it wrong for some reason, or am i just not understanding what does "400/400MHz" mean?

    Thanks in advance...
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  2. xtrmn8r

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    nope everything is fine and dandy.

    the memory is DDR, which means it runs at twice what it says it is.

    398.25MHz is close enough to 400 for most manufacturers, and 195.75*2=391.5MHz is also close enough.

    so youve not been screwed over, unfortunately it is what it says on the tin :)
  3. ---agissi---

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    Its never going to be exactly 400MHz
  4. Ollie30001

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    Oh k...thanks, ya, i know its not gonna be exact, but it was just the 195.75 that had me worried...i didnt no about the DDR memory thing being twice as fast.

    BTW, there isnt anythin stopping me from changing it to 400.00 and 200.00 is there? i wasnt looking to do any major overclocking on this card anyway, it was for my other one i had before it, but is there a reason for putting it just under the max or is it just down to time consumption....or lazzyness?

    Oh, and to add to that, is there any software i can use to see the temp of the card? I kinda screwed up my last card by overclocking it too far an it over heated...

  5. Tedster

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    There are a lot of software out there that can monitor components. Like motherboard monitor etc.... Video cards are hard to monitor for overclocking, but some do provide feedback info to software..... You got to be careful with videocards because they tend to heat up very quickly.

    go to pcworld.com website and look for diagnostic programs in the download sections....
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