Radeon 9800 XL problems - power-hungry GPU?

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I recently got a "Medion Radeon 9800 XL" (wich is the old core, the 350) and it has a floppy drive connector instead of the molex. I have a 400W PSU, somewhat generic. Never really gave me any problems, until now, when I installed this new GPU. The problem is that this GPU gets very hot, and I does not have a temp sensor so I check that by touching it, I guess that would be okay, if it worked at all, 'cause I have a 8cm fan blowing directly to her, so temp should not be an issue, given the fact that I don't have it OC'ed nor flashed to a XT, and if temp is an issue I can get a Zalman VF 700, but I don't want to spend money in that cooler if it's that my GPU is half dead.

The wierd part is that it works "fine" UNTIL I install the drivers (I tried 3 diferent versions, with and without CCC), when I do that, my PC freezers, or if I reboot, it never enters Windows again. I also formated twice to make sure is not a WIndows-related problem. ¿Could this be a IRQ related problem?
The EXTRA wierd thing was that it worked, actually worked as in I could play a few games, before I formated my previous Win install, where I had an NVIDIA driver-mess. So I formated to have a clean install for her alone and this is how she repays me! :(

I was using the a GeForce4 MX 420 and I have no problems whatsoever. My system is:
Celeron D, ECS P4M800Pro-M, 2 512 DDR2, a GeForce4 MX 420, 2 HDD's, 2 CD/DVD-ROMS, 3 8cm's fans and 1 12cm fan.

Now, my question is: ¿Could it be that my PSU can't handle this GPU, or could it be my MoBo or is the GPU is damaged?

Thanks in advance for any help. :wave:


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It could be any number of things. Likely the GPU is defective. I've always thought that more Radeon 9800s are defective than any other series of video cards. Of course, it could be just a driver issue....
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Hey MetalX, I think I know the problem.
I just installed it in my friend's PC and it worked fine, wich confirmed my theory that I'm having a IRQ issue. Now, my MoBo does not have the option to manually assign the IRQ, wich is a problem, to say the least. ¿Is there any like, DOS program that lets me change my GPU IRQ?

Well, I've tried everything; I did 4 fresh installs of Windows and I used a different driver each time, but nothing changed, at all!. Either I change my MoBo or the video card I guess, but at the moment none is really an option for me :(

Any thoughts, anyone?
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