Radeon HD 5800 1GB on the fritz

By gspcdy14
Jul 31, 2011
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  1. Hey there,

    I have an Alienware Aurora that is about 6 mo old. It is refurbished. I am not sure if this video card is or not. I was literally looking at some new Trailers about the new Star Wars: The Old Republic game today and it started making a VERY weird noise. I took off the side of the computer to see what was wrong, and my video card was almost screaming at me. I gently put my hand on the card and it was vibrating very hard. I touched the fan under the card and I noticed that all the noise went quiet. However, now the noise is still going crazy and my computer is acting crazy unless its in safe mode. I took my card apart, literally down to the last screw and dusted it very well. I also made sure there was enough thermal compounding and all of that where it needed to be. My card is fried, isn't it? Also, people asked me in person if the fan was still working. It is still working and blowing cold air out of all of the ports... It's just making very strange noises. Would it be making my computer so slow, if it was just a simple power cord that was touching the fan?

    Any help would be great. - I have not done any updates or anything recently.

    I'm stuck and did everything I know in my wits about this stuff.

    Thanks guys,

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