Raid help please

By manacloud1
May 23, 2007
  1. just two weeks ago my motherboard crashed on me. It was an :

    d925xcv intel motherboard

    I had setup a raid0 striped on that system with windows xp.

    After checking the ram , graphics card, cpu etc. Everything is working.

    I bought myself a :

    D975XBX2 intel motherboard to replace my old one.

    I hooked up the two sata hard drives like before on the previous board.
    when the new mobo boots i set the configuration to raid. The system detects my old raid configuration and says its bootable.

    However when it boots windows it shows me a blue screen of death and resets. It says it might be caused by the wrong drivers.

    I read online to boot windows and push f6 to install the new raid drivers from the newer disk for that mobo. However, when i do a boot and it gets to that screen to install the new drivers the hard drives are not detected. So i cannot install it. So i just click continue to see if i could do a repair on windows. When that option happens it says there are no hard disks apparent so all i can do is click f3 to exit.

    How can i get my existing raid to work on the newer mobo. I thought it would work since it was an intel mobo to another intel mobo. If i buy another two sata hard drives and install windows on there and add the other raid configuration could I access my old data from there?

    This data is very important for me because I do a lot of video editing, writings, school projects etc. I cannot lose it.

    any help would be great,

  2. =met=Badger

    =met=Badger TS Rookie Posts: 25

    ouch! important data. first is dont use RAID 0 for an OS or boot disc. there's no parity or fault tolerance. second with an xp install on most sata drives you must use 3rd party raid drivers. third, the sata controller on the 2 intels boards may be completely different. diff controller, diff chipset, the OS wont load.
    my suggestion is, if you can, load your OS onto another drive, then when in windows try and re-establish your raid.
  3. manacloud1

    manacloud1 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21


    heh i figured it out thanks aways.
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