Rain stopped Internet browsing

By edlovereze
May 3, 2009
  1. Ok so the other day there was a huge rain storm and the window by my pc, router, and modem was open. We got it closed but stuff got partially wet. The internet finally started working but it didnt work on my 2 pcs. one wireless, one ethernet. The ethernet one took me awhile to fix but i finally got it to connect. But it is connected to network 2. Dont think that was my original network at all. I try to connect to the router using a webpage by typing in my routers ip and it will not work. It just wont display a page. I need help with this? also my wireless pc is connected to the router but not receiving internet from it and i also cant get to the routers webpage from that pc. Please help? also i have a linksys router.
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    Bad news is, as you have learned, water and electronics do not play well together.
    Reason for recommendations to keep drinks (coffee, sodas, etc) away from your workstation.
    I think it possible the router is done... However... On the off chance that it is not...

    I assume, from what I read in your note, that you do have the router manual... so then...

    Have you unplugged the router, let it set, and then replugged it back in?
    Do the lights light up properly? (preliminary diagnostic only)
    If so, have you tried the reset button on the bottom (or side) of the router?

    I am not optimistic that these will help, but it will give an idea if there is any hope.

    If you do not have the manual, you should be able to get a copy of the owner's manual for your router, by looking up linksys and the router model number on google.
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