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By rogue12
May 28, 2009
  1. hi there,
    a pc with a 1333mhzfsb and ddr2 800mhz ram
    a pc with a 1333mhzfsb and ddr2 667mhz ram

    as i understand its best to run with a 1:1 ratio so will putting ddr 800 mhz ram into a 1333mhz fsb board affect performance in anyway or will the motherboard downclock the ram to match fsb for a 1:1 ratio?

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  3. rogue12

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    that link didn't help

    let me rephrase

    a motherboard that supports 1333mhz fsb and 800mhz ram, now i know that putting in 667 mhz ram will give it 1:1 ratio what im asking is if putting in 800mhz ram will decrease performance due to it not being a 1:1 ratio?

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    DDR2-800Mhz means that the manufacturer certifies that the memory will run at 800Mhz and that is what the bios will recognise (by SPD), also the memory will supports any speed up to 800Mhz, above that(overclocking) – you are on your own(no more warranty)..

    Performance decrease, no - you might not get to utilize the full potential of your memory...

    From I stand you are benefitting – if you decide to overclock you can push your FSB to 1600Mhz and voila 1:1ratio with 800Mhz memory, but if your memory was 667Mhz – you will have your 1:1 ratio with FSB 1333Mhz, but overclock becomes a more complicated....
    IF you decide to overclock , read this first - https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic70998.html

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