RAM problem

I have just bought new ram to try and speed up my machine but when I put it in and rebooted I got a long beep followed by two short beep, then it continues to beep twice
Looked this up and it says it's a problem with the first 64k or Ram so I gave up, took the new RAM out and rebooted with exactly the same setup I had originally. Still get the beeps and the machine won't startup! It's exactly as it was before I put the new RAM in but no joy!
Help! I don't know what I should do

The motherboard is H-AIRA-RS780L-uATX
It has two slots
Original RAM is 2gb pc3 10600U
New RAM (now not in the machine) was 2gb 10600u



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Try clearing the cmos. Plus make sure when you install the original ram . It clicks in place. Hope this helps you out.
Really appreciate your help
ram is firmly clicked in
I have tried clearing the CEOs by moving the jumper from 2/3 to 1/2 pins.
No change
It's a long beep followed by a short beep
Does that make any difference?
Any help here would be great


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Try removing the ram , Then unplug the machine. Let it sit over night then try reinstalling the ram. Sorry if this sounds funny. But it has worked for me in the past. You can also try pulling the cmos battery. Then try setting the bios back to defaults . See if any of this helps.


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Remove all RAMs and put one of them in if you still get beeps then try another one the computer should then start...when it does insert the remaining RAMs after turning it off if you again get beeps then one of the RAMs is faulty...if it so happens reply me and I will tell you the rest..GOOD LUCK!!!