Ram question concerning # of banks and how single vs double actually works

By Killvehicle
Aug 17, 2005
  1. Ok hopefully this can be easy,, I did some searches here and really didnt get the answer i need,, Anyway I have Asus A7V8X-X mobo, it supports up to 3 gb non Ecc? unbuffered memory pc2100/1600. Ok I dont really want that. And it supports 4 banks of pc2700 and 2 banks of pc3200.. OK now I always figured since I had 2 512's pc2700, they both read double bank, I figured that all 512 were double bank,, SO now I bought a kingston 512 and it only read single bank,, SO my question if I get another kingston single bank, this means I can get 1.5 gigs of ram, or since the single bank is in what I assume, is a double bank slot, will it actually be 4 banks,,, I am really not a computer expert, I just do a lot of music and more ram the better..

    Hopefully a summary question can help, 3 single bank 512's will work? or not? And is double bank the actual mobo or is it refering to the memory bank?? Im confused hopefully someone can decipher this.. Thanks
  2. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Well, the dimm's actual "bankness" is determined by the memory maker, and what "bankness" the mobo will accept is determined by the memory controller on the mobo, and the bios. I think 3 single bank stix will be ok.
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