By Zilliak
Apr 3, 2009
  1. Okay os heres my build:

    AMD 64X2 2.7ghz
    3gb Ram 667 mhz
    120Gb Hd
    WIndows vista Ultimate

    I have a question tho before i had 667 ram and it wasnt gaming the ones im buying are the wintec gaming series 800mhz and they have 5-5-5-5-15 timings what does the timings meen, and how are they significant and will running in ddr2 help more than 3 gb running at 667 non Dual channel mode and they are all from different brand names , so the ones i jsut bought are a pair and are the same the wintec, so in short im wandering waht performance increase will i see

    I like to play crysis on 1440X900 too so what graphics card should i get to play it at ful leverything?
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    As for the graphics card... the 9800GTX should run Crysis at a decent framerate, on High settings. In order to run that game at the highest possible video settings, on Vista Ultimate (DX10), you may need at least a GTX260 or HD4870 with that resolution.
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    read my ram guide in the guides forum. It tells all.
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