Random blue screens/freezes

By lajo90
Aug 10, 2010
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  1. hey, i recently got random bluescreens happening around 1 time each half hour. sometimes it just freezes and i gotto restart my computer my self, and sometimes it pops out to bluescreen, i've tryed to reinstall windows, didnt help.
    the weird thing about the bluescreens is that it never happens when im gaming, just when im not doing anything, or browsing on the internett, sorry for my poor english! and i hope anyone have any idea what i can do about this,

    im using W7 x64!
  2. lajo90

    lajo90 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I dont know if this is any help, but i started getting the freezes when watching full 1080 hd movies on youtube, my first thought was that my geforce was defect, but i could still play starcraft2 on full graphics without having a single freeze.
  3. Chivas

    Chivas TS Rookie Posts: 47

    Mmmm, does the computer gets too hot at times? It could be a heat sink problem.
  4. lajo90

    lajo90 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dont think so

    well, it happens right after i start my comp sometimes, BUT i've finally read the bluescreen note, "memory_management" so i guess its time to buy some new Ram

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