Random crashes

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Jun 9, 2008
  1. alright so my comp keeps crashing pretty much on random occasions. Well it crashes when i'm doing anything that has to do with games,video, anything that has to do with media of any sort.

    The first thing I did to try and fix it was to do a nice thorough cleaning so i took the whole think apart and cleaned the **** out of it. But still it keeps crashing. so the second thing i do is reapply some thermal grease to the processor as I had thought my cpu was overheating as it can't be my gpu overheating since it's around 51c on idle and 55c on load. after that it still crashes so I try to move my 1 gig mem stick through all the 4 slots 1 by 1 and it still crashes. And for my last attempt at fixing the crashes I reinstall and update all my drivers. And what do you know......still crashing -_-

    so i'm at a loss and need some help

    here are the minidumps
  2. raybay

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    Crashes are caused by bad or incorrect drivers, particularly with regard to the video graphics card; memory that is too slow such as Value Ram on gaming boards - remove and test with a known highly rated brand with timings that you can trust; Power Supply failures, particularly if it is a cheap or no-name power supply that cannot keep up with the required steady output. The only fix here is replace with another power supply that is a better brand with a higher amperage power rating.; A CPU fan that is wobbly or erratic will do it, as it cannot keep the cpu cool; Too much thermal paste is every bit as bad as too little. You need the bare minum to maintain contact or else it will act as an insulator; PCI or PCI-E cards that are not used by have damage or spurious responses... particularly modems and sound cards; Remove and test 24 hours;
    Do not trust the memory until thoroughly tested. Download and run the free MemTest86 for four hours or 7 passes, whichever is longer. If it crashes, switch to SAFE MODE.
    Check the video graphics card by downloading a different driver. If you have the latest, go back to the previous model.
    Consider replacing all drivers, as driver failure is a very common cause. Particularly if any of your equipment was installed before SP2 or SP3.
    Service Pack 3 is a known cause with some versions of Symantec software.
    And get more memory. 1 GB is not enough for some tasks, especially if you do gaming. Since you have a 4-slot board, fill 2 of them with known good such as Crucial, Kingston, Corsair, OCZ, Infineon, Siemens, and other First Tier memory.
  3. hades0069

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    first let me thank you for your fast response.

    I am actually waiting on my next paycheck(this thursday) and i'm going to purchase at least 2 gigs of ram, an amd 2 core processor, a nice 600w power supply, a new case with way better ventilation than my current (I have the side of my case off with a fan directly on my pc), and the rest I can upgrade later as I have a 7600GT which will suffice for now and my cpu fan isnt the stock fan but a nice $25 one.

    as for drivers well I was on an earlier gpu driver when it was crashing before so i updated to the most recent and that didn't help. it might be my psu as it was somewhat of a cheap one though it had alot of good reviews.

    I will keep testing to see what it might be but thank you for the help :)
  4. i-hate-my-iGP

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    Check the motherboard for bad capacitors?
  5. hades0069

    hades0069 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well my motherboard is only a year old so I really don't think that would be the problem. But I did check anyways and they are fine.
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