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To start off, my computer randomly freezes. A few months ago my hard drive failed and I got a new one; i thought the problem was solved. But, since I've had this new hard drive, the problem still persists. My freezes make my computer screen look slightly tweaked with little blue lines next to text/linear objects and my speakers emit a high pitched squeak every second or so. I tried re-evaluating my Virtual Memory, and that seemed to work for a few days, but to my dismay, it started doing it again.
I changed my browser.cache.disk.capacity to 16384
I also made my virtual memory's initial and max size much smaller (100MB)
I guess I will just give the basics of my computer too, just in case:
2.19 GHz processor
2.93 GB of RAM
here's a picture of my task manager, because based on what I've seen, memory usage should be lower than Virtual Memory size...but sadly, mine isn't like that


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go to the downloads section of the site, and download memtest, have it run and check your memory, if that passes, then download the trial burnin diagnostic tool, also found in the downloads section, that will test most of your hardware for any type of failure...

its possible it's a processor failure though... definiately test the computer though...

If you can't figure it out, just take it to your local geeksquad for a diagnostic, they will test it untill they figure out the problem.
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