Random reboot at odd times

System Specs
Windows 7 - x64 Professional
M2A-VM motherboard
AMD Athlon x64 dual core - 2.8ghz
8 gigs ddr ram

The Issue
Recently (very recently last 4-5 months) My computer has been rebooting when I try to load video games, this happens with Final Fantasy XIV, Farm Ville, and Mass Effect; video games from the lowest end graphics possible, to higher end graphics. There is no direct point at which the reboot happens; it's 100% random. For example; Creating a character on Final Fantasy 14 tonight, I was able to get to 5 different points in the character creation process, with random reboots in between each attempt.

Now, I would assume that this would be a graphics problem; But this is where the weird part comes in.

A good majority of my day is spent streaming video through Netflix, or other stream sites such as Hulu; or watch movies on youtube / through media player. I would assume that this would take a graphical toll on my PC as well, but not once while watching a movie or tv show has my computer randomly rebooted.

The problem ONLY occurs when some type of video game is loaded, or video game app is loaded.

I downloaded a program on here called SpeedFan, but I am not sure what it means exactly, as I am not really familiar with how hot my system should be running.

Temp 1 between 40-50c
Temp 2 steady 43c
Temp 3 steady 25c
Core steady 22c

Temp 1 sometimes appears with a flame or a red up arrow, which I am assuming is a bad thing, but I have no idea what "temp 1" is on my actual hardware.

If anyone would be willing to take the time and assist me with this issue, I would greatly appreciate it!

Any other tools, details you may need; please give specific instructions on how to obtain them or do what you need and I will gladly respond to you as soon as I can!

Thank you


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Okay, gaming will especially place a load on the GPU so try this simple yet effective diagnostic step. Remove your case side, find a small fan and on the lowest setting have it blow directly into your case.

Now go ahead and play a game that you know you experienced these crashes with. With the fan blowing in do you experience any crashes?

We are trying to see if it is indeed a heat issue because heat will shut down a system fast.

* Get back to us with the results.
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without the fan blowing directly onto the open case I can almost assure you that it is a heat issue.

When I ran FF14 last night, I monitored Temp 1 on SpeedFan, and it got up to about 102C (im guessing that's really bad because there was a little flame next to the number)


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I would say so! 102c = 215.6f.

How many fans do you have blowing? I am wondering if your ATI card's fan is only spinning at 40% capacity.
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I have 1 heat sink fan, 2 PSU fans, a side case fan (decoration), and my GPU fan.

I blew the system out today, and applied an aluminum based thermal paste; the system isn't hitting 100+c anymore, but it IS at 57c; jumps to about 60-65c sometimes..

So it does appear to be the CPU = Temp1.

What SHOULD my cpu be running at? O.o; and what else can I do to fix this..now that I have seemed to narrow it down.

Also, how do I check my ATI fan speed? and how // should I adjust it?


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We need a full description of your cpu. More than just AMD Athlon x64 dual core - 2.8ghz. In other words, an Athlon what? For example, my cpu is an Athlon 64 3200+ Venice and another one is an Athlon 64 x2 3800+Manchester (the names Venice and Manchester are the core names).