Random reset, missing appdata

By Weazel99
Sep 6, 2010
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  1. I have a laptop computer with windows vista home edition. Its an HP pavilion with a, AMD Torian dual-core processor and 4g of ram. Basically my problem lies (i would think) with the run program, in the start menu. Before i would type "%appdata%" (without quotes) into the run application and a folder would open up. now i reset my computer, and this no longer works. I type in "%appdata%" (still without quotes) and my computer says it can't find the specified file. (PS: also when i reset, my icons (except for steam and itunes), my wallpaper, screensaver, apperence, etc changed back to the defaults). So is this vista just being a broken operationg system? would having windows XP fix this problem? How do i get run to recognize appdata? suggestions needed.

    I ran a windows memory test as well as a scan using memtest86, because i checked my event viewer and the log stated that my processor speed was really low for like 599 second, and apparently this happend mulitple times. I also ran Malwarebytes Antimalware in-case i had a virus. All these tests were clean, no errors found or any viruses that weren't cookies. And like, i can still go into like users and crap, and find Appdata, and all my stuff is in there.
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    sorry about origional post, guys.

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