Random Restart Problems

By ilikefire
Apr 16, 2008
  1. So I've looked through some of the archives here on techspot on random restart problems and I am still having trouble. My computer randomly restarts at will. And sometimes it even randomly freezes.

    I've looked at the Minidumps and they tell me that the following are causing the problems:

    atapi.sys (IRQL 5 is too high or something)
    ntoskrnl.exe (IRQL again is too high)

    The restarting has gotten more frequent. However, I can run memtest for hours ( 18 passes) without issue (reported no errors) and I can run Prime95 for 4hrs in which it also reported no issue (ran in blend mode). But other than those two things, if I try to install some drivers, windows restarts. If I just let it sit after booting up - it restarts. If I try to run any ubuntu or gparted live CD's I get the "kernel panic" error. Also sometimes it just restarts out of nowhere and sometimes it just freezes up.

    I've removed my wireless card, my TV tuner and my sound card in case it was drivers. Actually I've even formatted and reinstalled windows. And it still crashes. I've got nothing in there except for the bare basics including my video card, mobo, ram, 2HDD's and 1DVD writer.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your time. I've included the minidumps if that helps.

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