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Random system hang - new hardware

By dferrantino
Feb 27, 2009
  1. Upgraded my PSU and Motherboard last night and I'm getting random hangs and stalls without a crash. From what it seems, Windows stalls out, and takes some programs with it. For example, Steam froze entirely, but I was able to move the Chrome window around. If I tried to open a new window in Chrome, it would die on me as well.

    ASRock P45R2000-Wifi (Intel P45, ICH10R Chipsets)
    Core 2 Duo E6400 (I think, webfilter at work won't allow me to check Newegg)
    2x 1GB Corsair Dominator, DDR2 1066
    eVGA GeForce 9800 GTX (system reads it as a GTX+, less than 2 weeks old)
    Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi
    160 GB HDD (Master) and DVDRW (slave) on PATA
    2x 80GB HDDs on SATA, RAID0
    Windows XP Professional SP2 (install is over 2 years old)

    Other info:
    Installed motherboard without reinstall of Windows, loaded Chipset drivers on first boot, didn't recognize sound card for some reason.
    Previous motherboard had VIA RAID controller, so I had to create a new array with new mobo's Intel controller. Initialized drive in Windows and quick-formatted.
    POST hangs for approximately 1 minute between IDE check and Intel RAID screen. With BIOS SATA set as IDE (options being IDE, RAID, and ACHI) it boots straight through.
    Flashed BIOS to current version on ASRock website, system rebooted and reported 2+either 6 or 8 beeps. Killed power, turned on again and got the same report. CTRL-ALT-DEL rebooted and took me into the BIOS, screen reported the current version as the revision I had just installed.

    Looking for other opinions before I RMA the board. Probably going to reinstall XP once I get home and start clean to fix or rule out any driver issues.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    I suspect the old install... Windows XP does not like any change to a system, other than the memory.
    You might want to try a repair install with your original Windows XP disk, then see what happens.
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