Random Vista restarts

By GameJunkie72792
Aug 8, 2007
  1. I know i really cant be helped without providing error codes (usually). But i figured id ask anyway. I have been running Vista Ultimate for quite a while now, since i built my latest rig, lately last month or so when i leave it idle it will randomly restart, returning to the desktop with a error message "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" I view more details and all i remember at the moment is it says BlueScreen, ugh. But i never am presented with a BSOD it just restarts randomly. I was thinking it was a hardware problem but when i leave a program open with activity (I.E. uTorrent, firefox downloads etc.) it wont restart itll stay running im assuming until the dowload is complete. If i periodically move the mouse it wont do it so its during times of no activity which makes me assume Windows Not hardware. It doesnt seem to be hurting windows at all its just annoying to come back from eating to all your work gone. It doesnt do it during games either. Im just thinking of getting mousejiggler or repairing my install of vista.
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    A possible solution

    Just a thought for you to try. I have seen very similar to this and the testing suggested will either rule this out or confirm it for you.

    The problem I have seen is that one or more memory modules within the PC were partially faulty when the Operating System was installed, thus for you Vista has some unexpected behavior. Grab memtestx86 and create a boot CD for it to run on. You can find it here http://www.memtest.org/#downiso select the bootable ISO zip and create a CD with it. Boot your PC with it and wait for it to complete, any memory issues will be shown. If it is faulty memory have it replaced, re-run memtest to ensure replacement is good and then re-install the op system. This is the only way to recover from memory issues as the Op system may very well be compromised.

    Just a thought, hope it helps.
  3. GameJunkie72792

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    cool, i will run memtest i have it laying around somewhere i was just to lazy to do it the first time, thanks i hope my memory isnt bad that would be dandy.

    EDIT** RAM checked out, i did a 3 pass check just to be safe. No errors, so im still thinking Vista...

    EDIT** I cant attach my dump file but i can turn it into txt, it would be much easy to know how to attach it though :D.
  4. GameJunkie72792

    GameJunkie72792 TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 274

    eh, double post sorry
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