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Sorry if this is the wrong section. This is my first time in a forum like this :D

So, 2 weeks ago, I cleaned my entire house....and i decided to dust out my computer too. I opened it up, and looked at it.....I pulled a couple of things (that had a lot of dust in it). I took a Q-tip and some paper towels then wiped all the dust, that i could see, from the computer. I wiped between some gold-colored plates that were arragned in a ring, the top of the circuit board (motherboard i'm assuming), and below/on the fans. I put everything back together with no problems and was able to use the computer without any issues until the next day, I noticed a strange whirling, groan type of sound. The sound is low and there's a distinct pattern to it.

I googled it and found nothing like what i was hearing.....but upon reading other posts/threads about other sounds, I gathered that the power supply, mother board, or fans were messed up. Problem is, I don't know what's wrong T.T

Can anyone shed some light on this matter?



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If you open the case it should be pretty easy to tell where the sound is coming from. Could be a fan is off balance or something is rubbing against the blades of a fan.
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Thanks for the reply :D
but....I think I solved it....using a primitive method....
I was annoyed at the sound so about 5 hours after writing the post, I kind of hit my computer and it seems to have fixed itself.
I haven't heard any more of the weird noise and everything seems to be in working order.

Thanks anyway xD
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