Ransomware Encrypts Files on Infected Machines

By Ranger12
Oct 17, 2013
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  1. http://arstechnica.com/security/201...o-see-your-data-again-pay-us-300-in-bitcoins/

    TL;DR -I had this at first but things got out of hand and I couldn't stop typing.
    CryptoLocker encrypts your files and files on networked computers then demands a $300 dollar ransom within 72 hours. From people's experiences the 72 hour deadline is real and you are sent a key to decrypt your files with if you pay up. There are a couple nasty angles to this virus:
    • It encrypts more than just your local disk, meaning if you have your backups on another disk or another computer networked to the infected computer they all get encrypted assuming you have proper permissions.
    • If the criminals servers are taken down, keys to decrypt files will not be obtainable meaning data is permanently lost.
    The good news is your best defense against cryptolocker is common sense. Never open emails from untrusted sources. Never open attached files from emails unless you know the sender and they confirm they are sending you something. -THIS INCLUDES *especially* COMPANIES. Cryptolocker was said to come from an email sent from Intuit, a well known software company. Emails are easy to spoof and can look very convincing.
    Last but not least, Anti-virus software should not preclude caution. Caution and education are your first line of defense, anti-virus, your second.
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    Oh well, this is where you would load up your optical disc backups, along with the C/" drive image, and tell the crooks to go f*** themselves, right?

    Oh wait, every know-it-tall on the planet could tell you that the lowly, "optical disc is dead".

    Now don't I feel foolish for not networking my computers, and putting DVD burners in them?
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