Razer CopperHead Mouse Drifting In Win XP x64

By Malstrom
Oct 7, 2008
  1. Hi to all and thanks for helping if you do

    First off ever Since i got WinXp64bit every thing was perfect and now My Razer Copper Head is Drifting the only way i can stop it from Drifting badly is buy putting the Windows Mouse Enhanced Pointer precision On but still i get annoying Cursor Drifts when i try to exit out of a program it will move to the left and ill click minimize or maximize it pisses me off so much cause i work very fast on my pc and game very hard so it is messing me up all the time

    so when i go left to right it moves up slowly but faster every time i do it
    and when i go up for down it moves left i have 2 Razers 1 Tempest blue and 1 Anarchy Red the Red 1 is Brand new so i have tried bolth of them and have Delete All the Registries used older Driver New Driver up graded down graded nothing still getting Drifts have Tired different USB Ports done every thing you can possible do and the mice work fine on my Friends Pc that Runs 32bit Windows

    and if i turn the Windows Mouse Precision off it is almost impossible to Click on any thing it gets such a bad Drift i have called Razer they don't care and know nothing Please if some 1 has the Fix i would Appreciate it Deeply
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    Possibilities for drift also include
    - Using a mouse pad with optical mice as reflections can cause "drift"
    - Check the lens for dirt. Blow into it or use a q-tip (good to check tho this more often causes "lag" vs "drift"
    - Do you keep a second mouse installed? Check it as well
  3. Malstrom

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    already cleaned it like i said i tryd every thing possible i used a new 1 cleaned the old 1 andi have a logitec it dose not do the Drifting and i have tryd different mouse pads its worked fine befor when i had Windows Xp home edition 32 bit, it has to do with windowsXp64-bit cause i used all the same stuff on my buddys computer witch is running WindowsXp 32bit so i dont know if any 1 has a Fix for this casue i know Razer dose not and i have read Some forums other ppl are having the same problem and have no Fix they just said Turning the Windows Mouse Precision on fixes it but it dose not it just makes it less Jawgy but dose not fix it totally i might just buy a new mouse i know i will never Buy another Razer Product Ever Again my friend bought there head phones and 1 Speaker blu and my other Razer copperHead Mousei have Went out after 100 Clicks so i sent it back and they gave me a new 1 thats all i can give them but they have Crapy Tech Service and Faulty Drivers and my Tempist my older Razer i have the Buttons are already worn down thats bull crap pay 80 bucks for a mouse when it first came out and it falls apart faster then the Stock mouse u get with your PC all i can say it dont by Razer.
  4. Malstrom

    Malstrom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    odd i turned on the Windows Mouse Enhanced Precision on My buddys PC well using the CopperHead and it did the same thing as mine with it off Very Odd and when i turn the Windows Mouse Enhanced Precision on, on mine it give the same amount of Drift as the other OS
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