Re-Installing Windows XP Pro w/ RAID Help

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Dec 17, 2005
  1. Hi:

    I'm having trouble remembering how to setup RAID with a re-installation of XP. I never really understood the process to begin with so I am quite lost.

    I have my system setup now as...

    Disk Drives:
    Maxtor 6E040L0
    Maxtor 6L040J2
    Promise 1 + 0 Stripe / RAID0 SCSI Disk Device
    Promise 1 + 0 Stripe / RAID0 SCSI Disk Device

    SCSI and Raid Controllers:
    D344PRT SCSI Controller
    WinXP Promise MBFastTrak 133 Lite (tm) Controller

    When I press F6 after reboot to set this up, it asks to insert floppy disk with the device drivers. Where do I get these, are they the ones listed above? What exactly should I have on floppy and where to get them? The original discs are lost to me...

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. bsaber

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    The drivers that you need should have come with the hard drives or the mobo. I'm not sure exactly how to set it up but I've installed windows on computers that have RAID and thats how I do it.

  3. boykov

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  4. matius

    matius TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks guys for your help.
  5. fudgenelly

    fudgenelly TS Rookie

    Having difficulty with xp installation

    I'm having some trouble with an xp installation. I could use some help. If there is anyone who might be willing to log onto msn messenger and give me some tech support I'd appreciate it. I can be online and work on the other computer at the same time.

    If you're able to do so i'll private message you my messenger info and we can talk.

    Thanks in advance for your kindness.

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