Realtek ALC888/Intel DG33FB Line Out Jack - No Sound

By indra46a
Mar 2, 2008
  1. Hi,
    I installed a new pc based on Intel DG33FB Mobo / Realtek ALC888. I connected 2.1 Speakers to the Rear Panel on the Mobo and it was working fine.

    Suddenly from the past 5 days, the Speakers do not work. The Speakers are fine as I tested them with the Front Panel Output as well as the Line In and Microphone Jacks in 6 Ch Setup.

    Another Problem is that the Front Panel Audio is not disabled even if I select to disable the Front Panel Support from the Realtek Manager.

    I have the latest drivers - re-installed twice. I tried System Restore - No Help. I tested the other jacks Line Out / Microphone In with the same speakers - they work properly. The Front Panel Jack is also working properly. But the Rear Line OUt Jack just does not seem to work.

    Anybody can help ???
  2. indra46a

    indra46a TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The Sensing is also not an issue

    The Intel / Realtek Port Sensing works on the Line out jack. So, it does not seem that the jack is not working.
  3. Matthew

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    Here is a page of troubleshooting tips for situations similar to your own.
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