Realtek HD Audio Mixer Problem

By NExUS1g
Jan 12, 2009
  1. I was playing one game in which the audio was working as expected. I quit that game, loaded another and suddenly there is an audio issue. Some sounds come through just fine Other sounds were extremely quiet. I didn't know there was sound until I turned my headset up all the way.

    Windows sounds would be one of the sounds that is extremely low. I was using Gigabyte's (MB mfg) audio control system that has a 3D Audio Demo that allows you to place a sound in various spots around the headphones. The 3D area behind the head exuding in a very slim triangle shape had the extremely low sound. The other locations were fine. Below are images to more accurately describe the situation.

    Within the black lines on the grid are areas with no sound (at least not audible) and the black circle is simply for more easily locating the balance I was using.

    When I throw the balance to either the left or the right, I can hear in both earphones on my headset.

    System info:
    XP Pro SP 3 (5.1, Build 2600)
    Gigabyte 945GCMX-S2 Motherboard
    Intel e2160 1.8 GHz
    2 GB PC2-6400
    ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256 MB
    DX 9.0c

    tasklist /svc

    Image Name                   PID Services
    ========================= ====== =============================================
    System Idle Process            0 N/A
    System                         4 N/A
    smss.exe                     632 N/A
    csrss.exe                    680 N/A
    winlogon.exe                 708 N/A
    services.exe                 752 Eventlog, PlugPlay
    lsass.exe                    764 PolicyAgent, ProtectedStorage, SamSs
    ati2evxx.exe                 940 Ati HotKey Poller
    svchost.exe                  956 DcomLaunch, TermService
    svchost.exe                 1028 RpcSs
    svchost.exe                 1144 AudioSrv, Browser, CryptSvc, Dhcp, dmserver,
                                     ERSvc, EventSystem,
                                     FastUserSwitchingCompatibility, helpsvc,
                                     HidServ, lanmanserver, lanmanworkstation,
                                     Netman, Nla, RasMan, Schedule, seclogon,
                                     SENS, SharedAccess, ShellHWDetection,
                                     srservice, TapiSrv, Themes, TrkWks, W32Time,
                                     winmgmt, wscsvc, wuauserv, WZCSVC
    svchost.exe                 1248 Dnscache
    svchost.exe                 1340 LmHosts, SSDPSRV, WebClient
    ati2evxx.exe                1468 N/A
    spoolsv.exe                 1556 Spooler
    explorer.exe                2000 N/A
    ctfmon.exe                  2016 N/A
    RTHDCPL.exe                  244 N/A
    SoundMan.exe                 252 N/A
    MOM.exe                      376 N/A
    jusched.exe                  424 N/A
    Steam.exe                    480 N/A
    btdna.exe                    488 N/A
    GoogleUpdaterService.exe     408 gusvc
    soffice.bin                  728 N/A
    jqs.exe                      976 JavaQuickStarterService
    CCC.exe                     1852 N/A
    alg.exe                     2632 ALG
    svchost.exe                 3692 HTTPFilter
    rundll32.exe                2568 N/A
    iexplore.exe                 572 N/A
    svchost.exe                 2584 stisvc
    cmd.exe                     4060 N/A
    tasklist.exe                1928 N/A
    wmiprvse.exe                1632 N/A
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