Audio RealTek HD Audio - Random loss of microphone functionality

Hi guys! To start, I am sorry if this topic has been covered somewhere else, but I have spent literally hours searching for a solution to this.

I am using a computer I built approx 3 years ago running Windows xp sp3. I am using a Razr Carcharias headset + attached microphone and a RealTek HD Audio card. I am currently running drivers RtkHDAud driver # 5.10.0000.6482 .

My microphone has worked fine all the way up until I reformatted my computer. Now, my microphone will randomly stop working when using programs like skype, ventrilo, mumble etc. However, I can get the microphone working again for a short time if I open a menu related to the microphone and close it again. Example: I will be talking with friends in Mumble (similar to ventrilo) and my microphone will cut out. I have to open up the audio wizard and click through all the menus (all the settings are saved from previous, so the microphone was working). Once i have closed the audio wizard, my microphone will work again for a short time. The timeframe in which is is functional varies, and I have yet to find a trigger or a certain length of time that my microphone will take to stop working.

After the reformat, I have installed all of the windows updates, and latest RealTek HD Audio drivers. I have actually tried the newest drivers and about 5 other drivers that were outdated wondering if there was a conflict somewhere.

When I use the troubleshooter through XP for sound and audio devices. Even if my microphone stops functioning during the "test". It comes out saying that the device is working properly. Same thing with dxdiag. I'm 99% sure all my settings with my microphone both in windows and through RealTek HD audio manager are correct. Ive tried about every known combination of settings that could be affecting it.

As for the microphone, I have also tested this with a stand a lone microphone and have had the same results, so this is not a hardware related issue with the microphone.

I have yet to take a physical look at the card, but my suspicion is that this is software or settings based somehow as this problem only occurred after my computer reformat, and everything was just peachy before that. Keep in mind that I have changed absolutely nothing with hardware after the reformat.

Any ideas what can be going on? Anything you can think of trying?

Thank you so so so very much in advance!

- Matt


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A friend of mine is having the exact same problem. Audio just cuts out when using his microphone and he also uses XP SP3 w/ Realtek.
Haven't been able to pinpoint the problem, but to me it is safe to assume that this is a bug in XP as he has no issues in W7.

What motherboard do you have? you might have the same mobo as him as well. :D