Rebooting Shuttle XPC

By Hodsocks
Apr 30, 2008
  1. I am currently looking at a shuttle xpc that reboots itself on a regular basis, sometimes after a minute or two, sometimes after an hour or so. The report back to Microsoft after reboot points towards it being a software/driver problem. The fact that the pc runs OK in safe mode for hours tends to support it being a software problem.
    I have run checks on the memory and hard drive several times and they come up clear every time.
    I have disabled everything on start up through msconfig and also everything in services except for the microsoft options.
    I have checked through the drivers and most were loaded during a reload of windows from the XP disc, those that weren't were the latest versions off the manufacturers website and all were WHQL approved.
    There is no software on the machine that isn't loaded on many other machines I have worked on. Incidently, not sure if it is relevant, but I downloaded the latest AVG 8 free version and it would not load because it says the download is corrupt, redownloads don't improve the situation.
    To me the symptoms suggest naybe a memory problem, but several checks and the fact it works OK in safe mode tend to contradict this, this could also apply to any hardware problem I guess.

    I am open to any suggestions any of you guys can make cause at the moment I am a liitle baffled.
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