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Dec 29, 2008
  1. Currently have an HP A1730N and want to upgrade my video card to an XFX 7900GS. Current power supply is 300watts and I need bare minimum 350, so I figure a 500watt supply.

    I have an onboard PCI-E slot, pci slots, 2 SATA board connectors. I am running 1 SATA HD, a USB DVDRW, and have 3 sticks of 1gb DDR2 RAM. Have about 6 USB devices going. Everything else is onboard, including sound and my current video card which will obviously be disabled. CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+

    Need something that will fit fine and give me the right connections. Looking to spend less than $60. Thanks.
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  3. manofmany

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    That is the exact one i was just looking at on eBay lol.

    I don't need top end, just enough to handle 6 USB ports, 1HD and DVDRW, 3GB DDR2 ram, and a 7900GS Nvidia card. So stock system + a PCI-E video card.
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    Antec EA-430

    Newegg is selling this Antec EA-430 "Earthwatts" 430 Watts PSU for $39.95 w/ Free Shipping. Some of these are made by Seasonic others by Delta, both repurable companies. Antec offers (and honors) a 3 year Warranty!

    If I wasn't broke from building a system this month, I'd grab a couple of these myself.
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    Nice find! I'm watching a thermaltake 500W PSU. If I don't get it, I'm going to buy that antec.
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