Recommended monitor resolution for 4870 1gb card + i5-750

By davidintel
Aug 5, 2010
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  1. I've just assembled a new computer, but I am still using an old 15" lcd monitor. The processor is an i5-750 and the video card is a 4870 1gb card. What resolution wouldn't be too much for the video card to handle.

    I will be using this setup for gaming. I am thinking 1680x1050, but that is just guessing. I am currently using 1024x768 for all my games. Thanks in advance.
  2. annoying orange

    annoying orange TS Rookie


    the card can handle games nicely up to like 1920x1200, but it also depends what games you wanna play (thinking about the fps rates).
  3. CMH

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    1920 x 1200 LCD monitors are few, and they cost a premium.

    However, 1080p LCD monitors seem to be very abundant, and available up to 27". Any monitor that's 1080p will tax your graphics card exactly the same.

    the 4870 is a pretty decent card, so I wouldn't really worry about your res. what you're asking is a neverending battle: even SLI GTX480 may find games in the near future taxing.
  4. davidintel

    davidintel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a lot guys, appreciate the help!

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