Red Alert 2 Vista Install Problems

By SillyWantos13
Mar 24, 2008
  1. Hey, guys, hoping you could help me out with something.

    I recently tried installing Red Alert 2 on Vista, and ran into some problems. The first problem is what I think is causing all the other problems.

    So I put the cd in, and the installer comes up and starts installing the software. Everything seems to work fine. It goes to 100% progress and exits. But when the installer exits, there is no shortcut on the desktop. Fine, I think, I'll check EA tech support. They say that with Vista, the installer can't put shortcuts on the desktop, but a shortcut goes into the Games folder off the start menu. So I check, and there's the shortcut.

    So then, I figured I'd go ahead and install Yuri's Revenge. I put the cd in, the installer comes up, and then it tells me that I need to install Red Alert 2 first. I think to myself, I already installed it. This leaves me wondering if the RA2 installer even fully installed the game. I check the registry and nothing is there. I go on EA tech support, and find nothing about the game not registering with the computer, and here I am now, asking for help.

    Also, I am able to run RA2, but when I start the Allied Campaign, for the first mission when you take control of Tanya, she immediatley just up and dies, and you fail the mission. If you try to restart, she dies even quicker.

    I'm open to any solutions, because I really just wanted a diversion.
  2. Myzz617

    Myzz617 TS Maniac Posts: 369

    Use a XP machine if you have one. I have not heard ne one installing RA2 on a vista machine. I have the C&C collectors pack and have not experienced any issues. When I used a RA2 game i had from a "Friend" I have came across the same issue but I was able to play the game but had to search for the .exe file in order to play.
  3. JWLC

    JWLC TS Rookie

    I had a similar problem, the a corollary.

    I managed to install RA2 on my Windows Vista no problem, without the shortcut issue or Tanya dying as above. Perhaps therein lay the problem.

    I've gone on to install Yuri's Revenge, however the installer gets to around 47% before freezing; to the extent of the screensaver kicking in. I tried installing it a second time to have the driver freeze again and tell me it couldn't read the ra2md.exe file (i think it is). I resumed the installer to have it freeze again at 83% and tell me it couldn't read from another file. long story short I simply gave up then.

    Now this is a fairly new laptop I used and short of playing it on XP again are there any solutions to this?
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