Displays Red and blue squiggly lines on my Dell computer monitor

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Hi there,
Today my computer went from completely normal to outlining everything in red and sometimes blue. I've attached a photo that I took of my monitor screen with my digital camera. I photographed a black and white youtube video shot and got the squiggly lines in color. This doesn't just happen in Explorer, it happens throughout all facets of the computer (desktop, photos on my computer, everywhere on the computer).
A friend said hers just started doing the same and that she removed the recently installed silverlight and it resolved hers. I did the same and it did nothing for me.
I am wondering what is wrong and how I can fix it.
I am going to bring the monitor to a friends and hook it up to her computer tomorrow to see if it is the monitor. I am asking this question in case it is not the monitor and I have to dig deeper.
It is a 22" Dell LCD monitor, and is 2 years old. It came in a full package of hard drive, monitor and accessories.
Any help would be appreciated!




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The image is typical of a failed or corrupted video graphics driver, or a failed video grpahics card.

If you are connected to the video graphics socket on a motherboard, I would download the latest drivers from the Dell SUPPORT site, then when you know where you can find it on your computer, remove or disable the old video graphics driver and install the new download...
If that does not work, come back and tell us a lot more about the Dell model and configuration.
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Thank you so much raybay! It was the graphics driver and your instructions corrected the problem! Thanks for saving me buying a new monitor!
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