Redirected Search Results (possible TROJAN.WIN32.TDSS.VHY), need help

By prestine2
Apr 5, 2009
  1. I'm having trouble dealing with a virus that can't be detected easily (if at all). I know it's there, since it redirects my search results in Internet Explorer to random ad-sale sites or lesser-trusted search engines, all of which are remotely connected to the search keywords.

    I ran MBAM, it detected a few Trojans as well as something that disabled my Anti Virus and those were deleted, however the search results were still being redirected. I did another scan with Pareto Logic Anti-Virus PLUS and it detected "TROJAN.WIN32.TDSS.VHY", with the threats being located in my external harddrive as well as my local one, both in the OS registry files. (specifically: D:\Recycler\ and L:\Recycler, the latter being the external HD and backup of the former). They're written as *.com files, an example would be like:


    Since Anti-Virus PLUS was a trial software it could only detect but not clean. I tried using F-Force but it could not detect it. I then tried downloading Spybot but the program won't run.

    I have attached a HijackThis log. Please help me remove this, I'm at a loss.
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