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By KXMoon
Mar 12, 2009
  1. Recently, my firefox redirects to a junk site during a google search (when I press one of the results). I've also had some recent problems with returning viruses, trojans, and rootkits that I just, temporarily, got rid of with combo fix. Here's a HijackThis log, help me if you will. :)


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  2. kritius

    kritius TS Guru Posts: 2,084

    Follow the 8 step guide, You will need to unistall Hijack this and re install it in the proper place.

    Then along with the three reports from the 8 step guide, attach the following.

    To get an Uninstall List from HijackThis:
    • Open HijackThis, click Config, click Misc Tools
    • Click "Open Uninstall Manager"
    • Click "Save List" (generates uninstall_list.txt)
    • Click Save, attach the results in your next post.
  3. KXMoon

    KXMoon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    what do you mean by installing it into a proper place?
  4. kritius

    kritius TS Guru Posts: 2,084

    It's running from the desktop, in order for all the functions to run properly and for the back ups to be saved correctly it has to be run from it's own folder,

    C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis

    If you uninstall it and then run through the 8 step process.
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