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By nosoup4crr
Apr 20, 2011
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  1. My spent half of today trying to fix my parents' computer. They found a way to get a rogue virus called "XP Total Security 2011." I followed an in-depth removal guide outlined here: It involves using a registry repair tool, RKill (which stop known malware processes), and then using malwarebytes to remove affected files.

    The virus seems to be effectively removed from what I can tell. However, there are now problems that I assume have to do with registry files. After rebooting, post MBAM, when I use certain executable files, they prompt the "open with" window. For instance, I'll click on firefox, and it will ask me what program to open it with. It recommends Firefox, and I click on it. However, the box to "use this program in the future" is grayed out. Furthermore, it prompts a window to download firefox.exe when it first opens. iexplorer doesn't seem to have the same problem. But virtually every other program does.

    I believe I located how they managed to get the malware on their computer. So, i'm considering just doing a rollback. But, i'm curious if maybe there's an easier option.

    They're running windows xp home ed.
  2. Mark56

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    By rollback I assume you mean System Restore which will be fine but unless you know when the Malware got on the system you might take it back to when the Malware was still active. I would suggest running a Repair install from the Windows XP disc unless you are quite certain when the Malware got on there.

    Make sure when you finish that you turn on Automatic Updates to keep the system protected.

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