Reinstallation of Windows XP Professional

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Feb 6, 2006
  1. Hi this is my first post. I just reinstalled Windows Xp Professional on my pc upstairs because it was having too many problems with my network so I said F this and reinstalled it. My Pc is a Dell Dimension 2400 with Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 1 Pentium 4 2.80 GHz with 256MB of RAM. Now here are the problems... I was wondering how I would get my display drivers back and I have no audio. I looked at the Device Manager and it had 6 Items with ? marks next to them they were: Ethernet Controller(2 of those), multimedia Audio Controller, PCI Input device, PCI Modem, SM Bus Controller, and Video Controller(VGA compatible). I do not have access to the internet with my upstairs pc so I have to use this one thats downstairs, so I cant connect to the internet with that to perform any updates like its asking. I am just wondering if there is a specific CD that came w/ the computer that I need to put in but Im not sure because Ive put every disk in that thing that the computer came with. Any Suggestions!? Thanks
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    You'll need to find the driver disk that came with your motherboard or else get these drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's website. If you have a graphics card, you should have the driver cd for that too. If you are using integrated graphics from the motherboard (means you don't have a graphics card) then they will also be with the motherboards drivers.
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    Thanks, but your speaking Greek to me, this is my first time reinstalling a system. I know I got a bunch of Blue disks that came with the PC and Ive been trying to install all of them but some wont let me because something else hasnt been installed yet.
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    I keep getting this when I go upstairs to see whats going on with my computer. I go up and the computer is shut off and when I start it back up it says:Alert! Previous Shutdown due to thermal event, Alert! Previous Fan Failure Strike F1 to continue or F2 to run the setup utility. Why would my fan not work?
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    if the fan has gone bad it wont work. and if you keep trying to run the machine with a defective fan you could end up damaging the processor. Dell didint use to use fans on their processors they used to use very large heatsinks and a funnel device from the heat sink to the rear exhaust fan. if you open the case you can see if you have a fan on the processor ir if it is set up as I described.

    if the processor has a heatsink and fan on it you should have someone replace the fan. if it is just the fan at the rear of the machine you should be able to replace that yourself.
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