Reinstalling Win 7 problem?

By pw2much
Dec 8, 2010
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  1. I was trying to install a third HHD into my second computer but it had data on the drive from a windows xp computer and when I started up the computer it would not start, then I removed the HHd and tried to restart the computer again and the computer would not start I tried the startup repair tool but it did not repair it so it instructed me to put in the windows cd which is an OEM windows 7install but by mistake I put in a win.7retail upgrade cd in instead and windows loaded the files at start-up now the computer won't start at all no matter how many times I try to repair it with the cd I think I messed up the HHD's configurations.I tried to reformat the drive but it said that it cannot reformat the drive without the hardware drivers,etc,etc- will I have to wipe the HHd clean before I can re-install the OS back on to my drive. and how can I wipe it clean if I cannot access it on any other computer. Can I use any of my other computers to wipe the harddrive clean for re-installation without damaging that computer?And if so what are the steps to take to accommplish this?
  2. Leeky

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    Take the hard disc out of the computer and place it in another one. Format the hard disk from within Windows. Job done.

    However, you should just be able to insert the correct W7 disk, and then format with that.

    You need to check the BIOS hard disk order as well. You want DVD (or your optical drive first), your primary HDD second (this is the one your installing windows on) and whatever for 3rd.

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