Reliable large file-sharing site needed... Yousendit closed


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Hi, Everyone - I occasionally have to share a large file between one person and another for work. I was using 'yousendit' which worked fine. they have changed to be 'hightail,' and they have a blog - at their blog, there are many comments circa oct 2013 about it now not working, and being buggy. So, I don't want to go with that.

I am looking for current suggestions of a site for file sharing. I am willing to pay a modest fee/month, like $10, to know it will work well and not junk up anyone's computer with any trashy downloader, and is very simple to use - I cannot spend a lot of time teaching people with various levels of web savvy and computer savvy how to make an acct, log in, work some elaborate, "unique" interface, and so on.

I would prefer a service where an email goes to the recipient's email address, they click on the link, and from that, easily select an option to download.

I am not sharing burned CDs or DVDs - I just need to share work-related audio recordings from the person recording to a transcriber.

When I look at reviews on the web, it seems that services change a lot over time, so I don't want to go for what had great reviews a year ago.

Please help with suggestions! -Thanks!


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I think 4Shared is an easy site to use. Login and then select the files you want to upload. It is basically an Online File Manager that is very simple to use. Once logged in there is upload and download buttons. Anyone capable of operating Facebook can easily operate 4Shared.

Edit: For the premium account 1 year license is $6.50 per month. Get 100 GB of storage space, download files instantly without advertisements and much more with premium.
4shared is a free service that allows you to upload, share, search and download your videos, music, pictures and documents in just a few clicks. Get 15 GB of storage space for free when you join

4shared supports all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) and devices.

Share your files with other verified 4shared users, with ease, using 4shared email service. They will be able to download your files, having logged in their accounts. Easy-to-send links automatically attach to emails, making shared files easy to access.
  • Upload or download multiple files at the same time
  • Use download accelerators
  • Get detailed file and account statistics
  • View the simple file upload progress bar
  • Resume interrupted transfers
  • Use Web Grab to quickly upload files from the Internet
  • Manage and edit text files
  • Play downloaded music files


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Can't believe nobody has suggest
It's designed specifically for sharing files with people easily and without a hassle. A lot of the other suggestions here seem to be more for personal storage sites with a secondary ability of file sharing.