Remove Vista Install XP from USB

By pingpong123
Feb 16, 2010
  1. Pls consider this:
    1.My Laptop is lenovo y530, 64bit, 4 gigs ddr2, with pre loaded vista 64
    2.My Cd drive is not working.
    3.I tried so many times, reformatting, testing my ddr2, and re-installing vista64 from usb..installation goes well but could not load or BSOD after the loading bar.

    I have genuine XP cd, i am now trying to switch fr vista64 to XP prof. BUT...

    How can i make my usb vista bootable with xp in it? i made my USB bootable in vista environment and i copied vista installer setup theres no problem when booting, the usb is being read by the system. BUT when i put xp installer setup in a vista bootable USB the system do not read the xp installer setup
  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    My understanding of the Windows(r) XP malfunctioning on setup is that you bought a CD version of XP as you said. And so what your trying to do is copy the CD on another device (computer) to a USB stick drive then use this Copied version to load over the top of the validated Vista. If I break that down to parts for you to see if I'm following; Vista is on laptop and is Validated as Genuine Windows; you own a CD version of XP Validated as Genuine Windows; you copied XP to another drive device, which means you've breached copyrights of the Windows XP; you are wondering why Vista does not accept the (illegal) copied version?
    If you previously had this version of XP on your system and you upgraded to Vista. Then try to do this: exactly what you're trying to do but instead of using a USB flash drive, connect a USB external DVD player because if it is the originally the XP that was on the computer, the system will recognise it as a 'Legal Copy' and it should load. :D
    Micro soft expects that if you change your MoBo on your computer then you'll need to purchase a new O/S eg new computer new O/S :rolleyes:
  3. pingpong123

    pingpong123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i see.. hehehe... big thanks icould2!!!
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