Repeat BSODs, computer shuts self down (Vista OS)

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Oct 28, 2010
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  1. Okay, I am in completely over my head with this one. I've googled this but I can't make any sense of anything that it's told me, so if anyone could help explain how to fix my computer, bearing in mind I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to computers, I would be really, really grateful. Also, I realise I've probably been doing all the wrong things to try and deal with the problem and that I've probably made everything ten times worse, so please don't think I'm an awful computer abuser, I have no idea why I did some of the stuff I did when I was trying to get it working again, I just am really desperate to get my desktop back.

    Every time I log onto my desktop it freezes then gives me a blue screen, sometimes saying that there has been a paged fault in a nonpaged area. The computer is a couple of years old and pretty rusty, I haven't ever installed antivius onto it, I'm trying to now but I can't start it other than in safe mode and it isn't letting me install anything onto it.

    It's also just restarted for no apparent reason upon startup while I was waiting for the BSOD so I could type out the details. I always pull the plug when it goes to the BSOD, so I don't think it's ever actually recorded a crash dump.

    This is on the BSOD, I thought it was a virus because of the fact there is no protection on the computer but I am starting to realise it's a genuine problem.

    Then the instructions, which I have no idea how to follow -

    I have no idea what most of that means - I tried starting it in safe more, IE opened about twenty times but I think that's to do with a virus. I followed the instructions on the MS website, but then I realise that it was for XP. What it said to do I'll paste here, I can't yet post links.

    I got to step 12, but the command prompt kept saying that the file wasn't found and I checked back and realised that it said XP, not vista, so now all I've done is mucked up the display as well as everything else, but I can't reinstall it so everything is being displayed massively. If anyone could also tell me how to re-install the drivers for my screen as well as what the BSOD means and how to fix it, I'd be most grateful as well.

    I'm really, really sorry if I'm coming off ignorant, but it's because I am. I don't know what drivers are or what BIOS is or anything. I really, really tried to fix this myself, but all I've done is make an even bigger mess out of things. I haven't just given up straight away, but this is driving me crazy and I really need my desktop back.

    edit; Just started in safe mode, according to the device manager the driver for the screen is still installed and up to date, but when starting in normal mode the screen is displaying weirdly and and not as it normally does. It also says that it can't display the status of the screen while in safe mode - does this just mean that it will go huge again if I boot it normally?
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    Hi Olympus,

    You probably have change 'resolution' of your desktop, we will deal with it later.

    0x8E errors are caused by memory issues, driver problems, or other hardware, so it can take time, patience and effort to track down the actual problem.

    Just to see whether there are any minidumps are available, go to C:\windows\minidump, and if you find any files there please zip them (using winzip or 7zip, both are freely available on net) and attach the file with your next post.

    Please ensure that your PC is free of dust.

    To change resolution:

    1. Right click on any empty space at your desktop, and then scroll down to select Properties
    2. In the appearing applet, you will find Display in the lower left corner, click on it
    3. It will take you to screen text related settings, however, you need to click on Adjust Resolution in the upper right corner
    4. In the appearing window, you should see your monitor's name, and below it the resolution, windows should list the maximum resolution your monitors supports in that list,
    5. select it, and click on OK

    Lastly, we all start from being novice, so there is really nothing to be worried about in it, as long as your willing to learn and try, you are okay. Goodluck and please do keep us posted. Regards
  3. Olypmus

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    I typed in the minidump loaction to the adress bar of windows explorer and ie, and both times it gave a popup saying "Windows could not find "c:\windows\minidump". Please check the spelling and try again." I am running the computer in safe mode, I can't load it in the normal mode at all.

    I damp dusted my computer - there was a bit of dust on the fan at the back, so that's all clean now.

    I clicked on the desktop but all there was was personalisation. I clicked that and went through some menus for display options etc, but from what I can gather it doesn't make a difference in safe mode to the display. I changed the settings around a bit anyway, I guess I'll see if I get back to running normally if it made a difference or not.
  4. Archean

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    To configure your system for recording minidumps, please have a look at this Microsoft Article, it is reasonably easy so I hope you can follow instructions without much issues, just select 'kernel memory dumps' when you do the configuration.

    For changing resolution, here is an brief step by step guide.

    Also, please have a look at your event viewer logs, as they may give us clues to what actually is happening, you can find these in, Control panel, Administrative Tools, then double click on Event Viewer, and go through system logs.
  5. Olypmus

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    The settings were already in place to record it as a kernel memory dump when I went and checked.

    I checked the event log, and I got it to load up all of the errors that were recorded. There were a whole bunch of different errors listed, so I went with what you said about it probably being a problem with the drivers and found the ones relating to drivers. -

    This one is repeated six today, as well as throughout the pas week, sometimes without mfehidk, and the times all correspond to when I tried to log on to my desktop. There's some with more drivers listed -

    This one happened last tuesday twice, then last wednesday, then once today, and the more recent ones are the ones with only three drivers rather than four listed. I'm thinking this is probably it.

    There are also a few that read something like this :

    The [this part differs] service depends on the [also varies - redirected buggering sub system, SMB miniredirector wrapper and engine, TCP/IP protocol driver] service which failed to start because of the following error :

    And then the error is always either "The Dependency Service or group failed to start" or "A device attatched to the system is not functioning""

    I think it is probably the other one, but if it isn't could it be this?
  6. Archean

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    Please use VEW, and attach the generated output with your next post, for instructions please look here.

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